Liquid Gold: Platlet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich Plasma or  PRP is a concentration of platelet-rich plasma protein that is extracted from a patient’s own blood. The patient’s blood is inserted into a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. PRP is a clear, yellow fluid that has an increased concentration of growth factors than regular blood; therefore, it is used to encourage healing and growth, and is often referred to as “liquid gold.” In Dr. Lara Devgan’s office, PRP is used to promote hair growth and skin rejuvenation.


PRP for hair loss is a minimally invasive, highly effective procedure meant for anyone concerned with a receding hairline or hair loss -- both men and women, as well as younger and older patients can benefit from this procedure. The procedure consists of a tiny, thin needle injected into the scalp to introduce PRP to the area of hair loss. After several sessions, patients will see significant hair growth to the places injected. This procedure can give patients newly gained self-confidence patients after only a few treatments.


PRP can also be used to rejuvenate the skin when used in conjunction with a procedure called microneedling. Medical-grade microneedling is a great way to improve complexion, fine lines, texture, coloration, and acne scars. The skin is first thoroughly numbed, upon which a mechanized device makes thousands of controlled-depth needle punctures in the skin’s surface. This initiates the stimulation of collagen production and results in decreased facial lines; improved skin texture, coloration, and pigment; decreased pore size; and softer, supple skin.

The added bonus lies in the PRP, which increases stem cells present in the skin and further promotes healthy new skin growth. This procedure is particularly popular for its minimal downtime and camera-ready skin results. Dr. Devgan always does her best to ensure that each patient is comfortable during and after the procedure.