Introducing Beauty Bosses

We are pleased to introduce Dr. Devgan's new podcast/ YouTube/ Instagram Live series, Beauty Bosses. Featuring men and women who are shaping beauty, fashion, style, health, wellness, and all things pretty, Beauty Bosses is a peek behind the scenes of the beauty industry.

To watch our first episode, click on the YouTube link below and subscribe to our YouTube channel, or click on our Podcast link to livestream or download Episode 1.

In Episode 1, you will meet Dr. Devgan and some of her office staff, listen to them answer Vogue's "73 Questions," and learn about Dr. Devgan's inspiration for starting Beauty Bosses. We hope you enjoy!

If you are a beauty influencer or public figure who would like to be interviewed on Beauty Bosses, please email 

Welcome to the first episode of Beauty Bosses, where you'll meet Dr. Lara Devgan and her staff by answering "Vogue's 73 Questions!" Also tune in to hear Dr. Devgan's inspiration for starting a podcast, how she defines beauty and all her vices.