Crafting Clear Complexions: Dr. Devgan performs Microneedling+PRP

A majority of people would love to have a flawless complexion. A foolproof way to get the skin you have always seen on your favorite celebrities is microneedling with PRP (“vampire facial”). Microneedling with PRP is a fairly simple process, with minimal downtime.

Patients are first numbed where the microneedling is needed. Typically, the area of concern for patients is on the face and neck. Dr. Devgan will then draw blood into a tube from the patient’s antecubital vein. The tube is centrifuged to separate the platelet rich plasma (PRP) from the red blood cells. The platelet rich plasma is a translucent yellow with excellent healing properties, thus the term “liquid gold”.

Dr. Devgan first utilizes a combination of her skincare line products to prep the skin after the PRP has been harvested. Following the prepping of the skin with her products, Dr. Devgan proceeds to utilize a DermaPen, an oscillating multi-needle tool, to start the treatment. After going over the skin one time, Dr. Devgan places the collected PRP on the necessary areas. She gently rubs the PRP into the skin before continuing the microneedling process.

After the treatment is finished, redness is common. The degree of redness, commonly asked by patients as “How red will I be after?”, depends on the individual. People with more sensitive skin or red hair, often have a greater degree of redness at end of treatment. The visual signs of redness should dissipate in 48 to72 hours. Dr. Devgan insists on going makeup free during that time to allow the skin to regenerate.

Patients are typically amazed by their results even after one treatment using microneedling with PRP; however, there are cases in which multiple treatments are necessary depending on the grade of skin issues, expectations of the patient, and skin type.