Dr. Devgan Received Top Aesthetic Doctor in the nation by Aesthetic Everything

Yesterday evening the Aesthetic Everything Awards 2017 were announced. Dr. Lara Devgan was the recipient of two Diamond Crystal Awards. She was a winner in the Top Aesthetic Doctor category and Top Plastic Surgeons East Coast. Dr. Devgan was honored to receive the awards as many highly regarded physicians in board-certified plastic surgery and other specialties submit entries, with evidence, each year to compete.

The committee selects the winners of Diamond Crystal Awards in nearly forty categories. The highest honor is to be named to the Top Aesthetic Doctor list, which is comprised of fifty physicians in a range of specialties. The award is based on submissions to a committee who select the winners after careful consideration; then, proceeds to rank the recipients in numerical order.

The second award Dr. Devgan received was in the Diamond Crystal Award category of Top Plastic Surgeons East Coast. The Top Plastic Surgeon category is sub-categorized into best plastic surgeons based on region (East, West, and Middle America). Each subcategory consists of ten doctors who, by year, are considered to have the best overall patient results in both body and facial plastic surgery. This particular category is a stirring win because of its specificity to Dr. Devgan’s specialty.

best plastic surgeon in nation

Now that the winners have been announced, the Everything Aesthetic webpage will be updated to show the latest award recipients. The 2017 Diamond Crystal Award results will soon be made available to the public via the Everything Aesthetic website (please see the link at the end of this post).

Dr. Devgan is excited to have her dedication to providing exceptional patient results recognized by Aesthetic Everything by receiving the Top Aesthetic Doctor and Top Plastic Surgeons East Coast Diamond Crystal Awards. She also wishes to congratulate recipients of Diamond Crystal Awards in all categories. Finally, Dr. Devgan believes none of this would be possible without the trust of her patients and thanks them for allowing her into their lives.