Glowing into Fall

With summer fading to fall, it is time to think about how to refresh our skin from damage that may have occurred over the past few months. Although there are many products on the market that promise fantastic results, many do not deliver. So, this autumn, choose effective products in order recover to your skin. 

Dr. Devgan's Platinum Glow Serum

Dr. Devgan's Platinum Glow Serum

A favorite daily use product for fall is the Platinum Glow Serum from Dr. Devgan’s Scientific Beauty line. This product is a highly effective retinol serum designed with patients in mind by Dr. Devgan. Combined with Vitamin C and E, then encapsulated with a proprietary Trans-Epidermal Carrier, the Platinum Glow Serum aids in normalizing skin physiology, allowing for a brighter appearance. Not only does the Platinum Glow Serum make the skin glow, which is important after dulling caused by the summer sun, but it also reduces the signs of aging.

The advantages of this product cannot be understated, especially to regain youthful skin. The Platinum Glow Serum’s properties allow for dramatic reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. It also gently exfoliates, improves tone, and softens skin texture. Lastly, it stimulates cellular regeneration of collagen and elastin production, counteracting photoaging effects of UV damage. All of the effects of the Platinum Glow Serum allow for the skin to have an overall clear, resurfaced complexion. As an added benefit, the Platinum Glow Serum is an ideal option for those with sensitive skin that are in need of a retinoid product.  The ingredients were formulated by Dr. Devgan to have a gentle, yet powerful effect on the skin. 

With the Platinum Glow Serum, you will be able to put the summer months behind you and face the colder months with rejuvenated, glowing skin. This is a product that not only promises, but certainly performs to regain overall healthy skin.