Dr. Devgan offers guidance on ankle fat deposits in Zwivel article

Recently, Dr. Devgan was inquired, along with other top board-certified plastic surgeons, to give her guidance on how to rid ankle fat deposits, more commonly known as “cankles”. Ankles, as Dr. Devgan states in the article, “…are prone to fat depositions…” Dr. Devgan believes, “Most of the time, cankles are not related to obesity or being overweight.” Rather, “…genetic tendencies and body type…” are often causes of fat deposits in the ankles. Unfortunately, this means ankles can also be resistant to change even with consistent diet and exercise. Dr. Devgan believes that liposculpture is the best procedure for lasting results while ensuring tissue differentiation.”

Dr. Devgan noted on Zwivel.com as a top plastic surgeon

Dr. Devgan noted on Zwivel.com as a top plastic surgeon

Liposculpture is a cosmetic procedure using a tool known as cannula. A cannula is a stainless steel tool that extracts fat deposits in a variety of procedures. Selecting particular cannula size is of the utmost importance to obtaining sought after patient results from an ankle liposculpture. In order to create a beautiful shape and get rid of pesky fat deposits, Dr. Devgan chooses fine tipped cannulae to ensure optimal outcomes while also keeping surrounding tissue healthy. By using the proper sized cannula, doing thorough examinations, and meticulously preparing, patients can expect to see, according to Dr. Devgan, “[a] lower leg appear slimmer and more defined.”

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It should be noted that while noninvasive procedures exist, Dr. Devgan considers the effects to be of noticeably lower quality. As she stated in the Zwivel article, “They are not able to precisely differentiate between fat depositions, tendons, arteries, veins, nerves, muscles, bone, and soft tissue, and this limits their utility.” There are noted side effects of swelling and edema for liposculpture; however, with a top board-certified plastic surgeon excelling in anatomy and physiology, such as Dr. Devgan, the risks can be minimized. With the upsides to a minimally invasive procedure and confirmed lasting results, Dr. Devgan hopes all patients with stubborn ankle fat deposits wishing to make a change would consider liposculpture.