The Know on Triple Glow with Kelly Karloff

We were so excited to see model Kelly Karloff in our office again to pick up her Platinum Triple Glow Anti-Aging Night Treatment! 

Kelly has been utilizing Dr. Devgan's Platinum Triple Glow to correct for some of her personal skincare issues, which she discusses in the latest YouTube video.

Men and women from across the world have damage from sun exposure or, more commonly for women, hormonal changes. Platinum Triple Glow is an amazing anti-again product, which makes evens skin tone and diminishes normal signs of again, such as wrinkles and deep creases. 

The Platinum Triple Glow is prescription strength, which means Dr. Devgan must personally evaluate whether or not each person is a good candidate. If ordering online, there is a questionnaire about your personal skincare issues. 

To start Platinum Triple Glow it is recommended that each patient begins by applying the product every other day or as Directed by Dr. Devgan. This allows the skin to become accustomed to the formulation of the product. Gradually, once a night use is recommended. 

Always remember to wait for 30 minutes after washing your face with cleanser (per se, the Platinum Revitalizing Cleanser) before applying the Platinum Triple Glow. Stay in touch with the blog and YouTube for new tutorial videos coming soon!