Product Spoplight: Miracle with Microdermabrasion

Guest Blogger: Haley Gravely

Hello to all of Dr. Devgan's fans, patients, and product users! My name is Haley. I am Dr. Devgan's new Media and Research Coordinator who adores pizza as much as I love my job, which is a lot to say because I really love pizza. Unfortunately, something I am not as happy with is my complexion. 

I don't know about everyone else reading, but dry skin is often a concern for me. Particularly heading in to the winter months. Absolutely no one wants to move toward the holiday season shedding dead skin like a snake and, frankly, my skin is prone to a variety of issues. (I will be honest, I was not perfect at taking care of my skin when I was playing sports in the sun for years and, clearly, if pizza is my favorite food I am not the epitome of health.)

The advantage of working at Dr. Devgan's office is that I am exposed to a lot of results from her products and procedures. Something that peaked my interested recently was a product from Dr Devgan's Scientific Beauty skincare line - Platinum Microdermabrasion. Having never tried Dr. Devgan's Scientific Beauty skincare line, the office thought it might be nice to know how someone with a new, but certainly not fresh, face felt about the product. Despite my expensive, strict skincare regimen, I had complaints of flaking skin, pores that often seemed to never feel or look squeaky clean, and overall dullness. 

dr. lara devgan scientific beauty

At first, I was slightly nervous to try a new product. Many previous skincare lines have left me with a red hue and, more often than not, dryer than before I put the so-called fix on my face. 

I followed Dr. Devgan's instructions, even if not to a T. I spread and gently rubbed the light teal-blue Platinum Microdermabrasion formulation, which consists of active sugar cane extract, lemon fruit extract, apple fruit extract, green tea leaf extract as well as pumice granules, on my face generously until fully covered; however, I could have also utilized the product on my neck too. After, I thoroughly massaged the product in, rinsed my face with water, and patted with a towel as directed. This process only took about 5 minutes in total, which is awesome since it only needs to be used two times a week. 

best skin care line Dr. Devgan

What I was amazed by was the degree of change my face had after just one use with no signs of redness. Often for extensive results I had to compromise on one or the other, either my face had that dreaded windburn look or the product did not rid my complexion issues. Platinum Microdermabrasion seemed to be a wonder, but I waited a few days before making a final judgement.

Nearly three days later (Today!), I checked my face in the mirror. To my surprise, even after stopping all other skincare, since my use of Platinum Microdermabrasion, my face was still clear and bright with no signs of irritation. That was a certainly a miracle product considering the amount of time and money I have wasted on skincare lines that end with subprime results.

To try Platinum Microdermabrasion alongside me click the link below!