Art of Surgery Series: Reconstructive

Dr. Devgan recently performed a reconstructive surgery for scar tissue caused by a severe accident. Reconstructive surgery is, typically, much more complicated as it takes additional preparation and time to fix a concern than to enhance a feature. 

In this particular patient, Dr. Devgan had to carefully analyze the region of scar tissue needing to be extracted as well as areas of the body that needed analogous fat transfer to fill unwanted indentations left from the accident and following surgical procedures.

To get a look in the operating room during Dr. Devgan’s reconstructive surgery, take a moment to watch the video below.

Dr. Devgan always begins considering surgical procedures by having an initial patient consultation at the 969 Park Avenue office. During the consultation, she listens to the patient’s desired outcomes. Then, she proceeds to recommend options based on realistic possibilities as well as how much time and how many procedures may have to be done. Finally, before leaving the office, the patient’s budgetary concerns and surgery scheduling are completed.

In order to prepare for surgery, Dr. Devgan meticulously plans the surgery and looks over available information collected regarding patient history and preoperative photos. She also takes into consideration all notes regarding what the patient desires in order to ensure patient satisfaction at the end of reconstructive surgery.

With her expertise in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, Dr. Devgan is highly skilled to complete any form of reconstructive surgery while also taking into consideration aspects of beauty. If you are interested in discussing your particular reconstructive surgery needs, please call 212.452.2400 or email