The Upside to an Upturned Nose (Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty with GabsGetGnarly)

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty has surely become one of the most sought after procedures in Dr. Devgan’s office. Often the office is asked about downtime, well there is none or it is negligible. The concept is immediately intriguing to anyone who wishes to have something changed about their nose.

We were thrilled that we can share Gabs Dormio’s experience with everyone from start to finish. Gabs, a travel blogger and commonly known for her GabsGetGnarly page on Instagram, was such a joy to have in our office again and we could not be more pleased that she loved her results.

For those of you who wonder what some reasons are for non-surgical as opposed to surgical, there are a few. For Gabs, it was all about how she wanted a more refined look and to try out what her nose would look like before even considering surgical. For others, the downtime for surgical rhinoplasty, which consists of a few days off work, a few weeks off exercise, bruising, and swelling, is not an option. This is why using a viscous filler to create your perfect look is an excellent choice for a lot of patients.

There is some qualities to remember about non-surgical, the results last 1-2 years before your body will have naturally dissolved the filler. Thus, if you enjoy the look of your nose prior to injection, you will need to have the non-surgical rhinoplasty more frequently. It was also commented that in one of Gabs photos, the “hanging columella from the lateral aspect” was more prominent than before. This is true, especially for those who would like a more upturned nose and would certainly be something to consider surgical rhinoplasty for eventually. However, it is hardly noticeable, if you follow Gabs on social media or see her in person, to anyone without a trained eye. 

Each patient has their own desires. That is why Dr. Devgan does a magnificent job of listening to each patient thoroughly and deciding the ultimate procedure alongside them, rather than for them.

If you would like to see Dr. Devgan for non-surgical rhinoplasty or surgical rhinoplasty (open or closed), please call our office at 212.452.2400 or email