BRA Day; Tea and Talk with Dr. Devgan




October has become synonymous with a few traditions, including Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A month that used to be primarily associated with Halloween is now filled with football players parading on the field in pink cleats, gloves, and, occasionally, full uniforms. Bloomingdales is decorated with dancing, pink mannequins with fashionable accessories. Along with décor and stylish pink clothing, is that media makes breast cancer a spotlight topic to keep people informed.

The topic of breast cancer is vitally important. Breast cancer prevention and early detection has risen significantly since the early 2000s and the hope is to continue that upward trend. A discussion that is less common is, “What happens after diagnosis?”

There are a variety of options given to patients and at times, more severe forms of breast cancer require extreme lengths, such as the many forms of mastectomy. This can leave patients with self-image issues and unsure how to proceed.

Our office is proud to shine a light on Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day. On October 18th of each year, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The Plastic Surgery Foundation join forces to help inform women of their options and celebrate women who have found their answers.

"© [Cozy nook] / Adobe Stock”

"© [Cozy nook] / Adobe Stock”

Dr. Devgan invites you to a complimentary afternoon of coffee, tea, delicious light bites, and candid and fun conversations all about the breasts. Decorate a bra, write a good wish to a breast cancer survivor, squeeze a breast implant, and learn everything you want to know about the breasts.

We believe that inner and outer beauty are both important parts of a woman's identity, and that women should feel great about their breasts, whether they have had breast cancer, a previous breast surgery, or have never had surgery at all. Dr. Devgan's philosophy for breast reconstruction is to use the most modern techniques available to give her patients natural, beautiful results without obvious signs of surgery.

All are invited because all of us have a relationship with breast cancer in one way or another-- in ourselves, our family members, or our friends.

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