Dr. Devgan featured on "Inspiring Women in Surgery"

Recently, I had the distinct honor of being featured on "Inspiring Women in Surgery," an Instagram page dedicated to inspiring females of all ages and backgrounds who are involved in surgical fields.

Read my story, as written by Inspiring Women in Surgery, below, and follow my life in and out of the operating room, office, hospital, and New York City at @nyplasticsurgeon.

Inspiring women in surgery, female plastic surgeon NYC

inspiringwomeninsurgery Meet Dr. Lara Devgan @nyplasticsurgeon - a world-renowned board-certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Dr. Devgan has all of the prestigious credentials - Yale undergrad, Johns Hopkins Medical School, and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery training at Columbia (NY Presby). What inspires me most is her commitment to the profession, her excellence as a practitioner, and her advocacy for the advancement of women in surgery. And it gets better. Dr. Devgan is a dedicated wife and mother of 4 boys (ALL UNDER AGE 4 - wow!). While you may have thought Dr. Devgan was engulfed in science during her undergrad at Yale, she wasn't. She was an English major that has a love of literature. She has also always had a strong affinity for fine art and has had her work shown in galleries in Los Angeles, New York, New Haven, and Baltimore, which only enhances her ability to curate beauty in the O.R.. Dr. Devgan is as good as they come and her work to help women with breast reconstruction post-cancer, facial injuries / deformities and other types of cancer is truly inspiring. Everything about Dr. Devgan is about direct personal connection - all of her patients have her cell phone number and she gives them full access pre- and post-op to make them as comfortable as possible. Often times, surgeons (irregardless of gender) are seen as cold and detached. Dr. Devgan defies that by learning about all of her patients, understanding the hardships or issues that they are going through, and then proceeding with the absolute best course of surgical care. Thank you, Dr. Devgan for your advocacy. Your accomplishments, continued voice, and amazing work will continue to be our inspiration, and the 'standard-of-excellence' that so many of us hope to achieve in the years to come! (http://www.laradevganmd.com) #ILookLikeASurgeon