Botox and fillers for younger women

In my practice, many younger women have turned to Botox, fillers, and medical-grade skin care to be proactive in their efforts to look great and stave off signs of aging that begin to set in around age 30.

This week, I had the pleasure of taking care of a beautiful 32 year old professional actress. She frequently travels between LA and New York and wanted to look her absolute best. As an actress, she needs natural facial expressions, not a frozen or fake look. She needs to look good from up close and from across the room. And she emphasized how important it was for her to look like a better version of herself, not like a different person.

After a thorough consultation, we ended up deciding on a combination of botox, fillers, and skin care to help her achieve these goals. The result looked great, with minimal swelling-- which was ideal given the fact that she had a scheduled audition the next day.

Here is what she wrote about her experiences with me:

"Dear Dr. Devgan, I just want to thank you for your work and services today-- I can already see a great result. I am quite amazed at my luck that Dr. _________ [in LA] recommended you as a specialist in aesthetic medicine in New York!  My gratitude for your generosity of time in talking with me, your recommendations, and your honesty-- it was easy to trust your eye and your skill to produce high quality results. Looking forward to continuing to work together, and my best to you until the next time... In appreciation, [name withheld]" 3/13/14