Dr. Devgan on Stigmas & Plastic Surgery in latest Coveteur Article

Dr. Devgan was recently featured in a Coveteur article regarding stigmas surrounding plastic surgery. At the forefront of plastic surgery shadows are patients from all walks of life. Celebrity or not, it seems everyone has an opinion of those trying to look the way they choose.

While we praise aging spectacularly, it is often easy to overlook that many opt to have non-surgical and surgical procedures throughout their life to see a more youthful appearance during a morning mirror glance. However, until recently, all but the extraordinarily brave denied any rumors of plastic surgery.

The most intriguing discussion about plastic surgery, although there has been an increase in conversations regarding the realities to looking youthful longer, is many still feel a sense of social pressure to stay looking young and, somehow, do it “naturally”. This keeps many silent about visiting a plastic surgeon and, in some cases, prevents others from planning a procedure that would increase their self-esteem. Included in the social pressures are media coverage of “unrecognizable” celebrity faces, the idea that somehow by wanting to look your best you are vain or fake, and sometimes the pressures come closer, such as a disapproving spouse or friends. Whatever the case, it is neither anyone else’s right to disregard someone based on appearance, plastic surgery or not, nor is it alright to judge a person’s intellectual abilities and feelings based on if they do choose to have “work done”.

Dr. Devgan had this to say regarding her clients and the general population, “Something I’ve really learned to appreciate in my daily job is that it’s very difficult to walk in another person’s shoes….You may think that rhinoplasties are for vain, frivolous Hollywood types, but if you’re someone who has always felt bad about the way your nose looks, and you can’t take pictures in a certain way, and you’re always doing your makeup in order to camouflage it—then maybe getting your nose done is just the thing that enables you to come out of your shell and move forward with your life. I honestly think it’s very misogynistic and damaging to put people in a box and say that caring about this thing negates your intellectual capacity to care about all these other things.”

In Dr. Devgan’s opinion, “Plastic surgery doesn’t need a public service announcement or a popularity campaign. It’s just a situation where people need to get off each other’s backs a little bit.”

Overall, it is time to move forward with positive thoughts toward plastic surgery and, more importantly, the people who choose it.

Read the full blog from Coveteur by clicking the link*

Read the full blog from Coveteur by clicking the link*

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PRP for Hair Loss

Alopecia, or hair loss, is a concern that affects many men and women. Alopecia has its roots in a variety of etiologies. People experience hair loss as a result of aging, stress, hormonal fluctuations, vitamin deficiencies, autoimmune or inflammatory factors, and unknown reasons.

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Many interventions have been studied for hair loss to varying degrees of success, but one of the most promising modalities is injection of PRP into the soft tissues of the scalp. PRP, or platelet rich plasma, is a translucent gold substance that is derived from the blood, after it is spun in a centrifuge. PRP contains growth factors that ramp up stem cell production in hair-producing cells. By injecting PRP into the scalp, patients experience: 1) a slower rate of hair loss, 2) improved retention of existing hairs, and 3) increased growth of new and quiescent hairs.

PRP has become a popular treatment modality because it is minimally invasive, quick, and effective. Three to six treatments are recommended over a 6 month period. Results are best when PRP is combined with multivitamins, folate, biotin, and sometimes topical agents such as minoxidil or Rogaine.

Dr. Devgan Featured in RealSelf Video for Facelifts

Dr. Devgan considers one of her specialties facelifts. She enjoys the procedure because of subtle, yet transformative results. Recently, she appeared in a video for RealSelf on considerations for facelifts.

Watch the video by following this link: https://www.realself.com/video/natural-facelift-considerations#.WfsmAmhSxnI

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A facelift is a surgical technique that restores beautiful bone structure to the aging jawline, cheeks, and neck. Dr. Devgan focuses on resuspending the muscular substructure and re-draping the skin of the face and neck to achieve lasting, natural results. A good facelift leaves you looking young, not stretched. Her focus is on subtle, elegant results.

Facelifts in the top five most commonly performed plastic surgical procedures in America, with many people seeking to rejuvenate the appearance of their middle and lower face, as well as their neck.

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This surgery is for men and women as well as all demographic backgrounds. Dr. Devgan will take a customized approach to ensure your results are tailored to your desires. A concern for men is that this procedure will cause femininity; however, this is a misconception as when properly performed the jawline can be more masculine with a stronger jawline.

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Dr. Devgan Featured on RealSelf for breast augmentation

Dr. Devgan was recently featured by RealSelf for breast augmentation considerations. Dr. Devgan, an expert in various fields of plastic surgery, regularly performs breast augmentation as it is both the leading plastic surgery procedure in the nation and in her practice.

Follow the link to watch to the video: https://www.realself.com/video/breast-augmentation-considerations

best plastic surgeon for breast augmentation

Just after the procedure (approximately 1 day), breast implants will set in a high and full position. By the end of the first week, typically patients see the breast implant settling. It generally take 3-4 months before having a full, natural teardrop shape.

Dr. Devgan utilizes a round shaped implant. There is also an implant called an anatomical shaped implant. A study was done with plastic surgeons, nurses, and other medical personnel in order to understand if the anatomical shaped implant and round implant could be differentiated once implanted in situ (in the body) by those with a trained eye. The study showed there was no significant difference in trained eyes visualizing the variance between patients having round implants or teardrop implants.

While there is no positive impact of having anatomical breast implants over round implants, there are negative effects. Anatomical implants are textured implants. In a previous post (http://laradevganmd.com/blog/2017/10/27/dr-devgan-featured-in-the-miami-herald-on-risk-of-alcl-with-breast-implants), Dr. Devgan discussed the newest information on textured implants and the correlation of ALCL, a rare form of lymphoma. Not only is there a concern for cancer with textured implants, but the product can settle radially after years thereby cause the breast to look misshapen.

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While Dr. Devgan is more particular about utilizing round shaped implants, whether silicone implants or saline (salt) implants. She will utilize at minimum an hour of planning for an operation. In order to prepare, Dr. Devgan tailors each procedure using anatomic measurements, a patient’s ideal goals, and patient history. Once in the OR, Dr. Devgan utilizes her signature rapid recovery, no-touch technique to ensure patient safety and minimal downtime.

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Dr. Devgan featured in the Miami Herald on Risk of ALCL with Breast Implants

Dr. Devgan was recently featured in an article in the Miami Herald regarding ALCL and breast implant correlation. 

expert on ALCL Dr. Devgan

The American Medical Association (AMA) published an article on a rare cancer that is correlated with breast implants.  Dr. Devgan and her staff are hoping to enlighten everyone on the recent news regarding the links between breast implants and cancer.

ALCL, short for Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma, is a rare form of lymphoma that is associated with long-term seromas after breast augmentation. The risk of getting ALCL is 1 in 30,000. The main presenting symptom is seroma or fluid accumulation in the breasts. This lymphoma is primarily associated with textured implants.

Dr. Devgan only uses smooth non-textured implants in her clinical practice, as a form of risk reduction.

It is recommended to perform routine breast examinations, see your medical doctor, and obtain imaging studies of your breasts to survey them after breast augmentation. Self-examinations, mammograms over 40 or sooner with a family history, MRIs every 3 years for silicone implants. If you notice a seroma or fluid bubble, mention it to your doctor.

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To read the full article published by the Miami Herald, click on the button below.

Art of Surgery Series: Reconstructive

Dr. Devgan recently performed a reconstructive surgery for scar tissue caused by a severe accident. Reconstructive surgery is, typically, much more complicated as it takes additional preparation and time to fix a concern than to enhance a feature. 

In this particular patient, Dr. Devgan had to carefully analyze the region of scar tissue needing to be extracted as well as areas of the body that needed analogous fat transfer to fill unwanted indentations left from the accident and following surgical procedures.

To get a look in the operating room during Dr. Devgan’s reconstructive surgery, take a moment to watch the video below.

Dr. Devgan always begins considering surgical procedures by having an initial patient consultation at the 969 Park Avenue office. During the consultation, she listens to the patient’s desired outcomes. Then, she proceeds to recommend options based on realistic possibilities as well as how much time and how many procedures may have to be done. Finally, before leaving the office, the patient’s budgetary concerns and surgery scheduling are completed.

In order to prepare for surgery, Dr. Devgan meticulously plans the surgery and looks over available information collected regarding patient history and preoperative photos. She also takes into consideration all notes regarding what the patient desires in order to ensure patient satisfaction at the end of reconstructive surgery.

With her expertise in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, Dr. Devgan is highly skilled to complete any form of reconstructive surgery while also taking into consideration aspects of beauty. If you are interested in discussing your particular reconstructive surgery needs, please call 212.452.2400 or email office@LaraDevganMD.com.

Dr. Devgan mentioned in Harper's Bazaar by Lauren Santo Domingo

Dr. Devgan was recently mentioned by none other than the incredibly chic Lauren Santo Domingo.

The cofounder of Moda Operandi addressed ageless style in a firsthand article published by Harper’s Bazaar. The list of those things that are beautiful and timeless included her mother-in-law never sipping coffee in paper cups, Valentino evening gown, and achieving the perfect shade of blonde. However, to accomplish her ageless and gorgeous look, Santo Domingo openly stated she has “primp and plump on the regular”. She firstly stops in to Lena Ott at Suite Caroline, a SoHo Salon that Ott herself opened in 2013, and, then, will visit Dr. Devgan for her needs.

Dr. Devgan is honored to be recognized by Santo Domingo for her primp and plump routine.

Santo Domingo's Plastic surgeon

Dr. Devgan offers a wide range of options including our new laser treatments, which are piloting for two weeks and booking patients for the beginning of November. Some of the latest possibilities include hair removal, ridding the bacterium that causes acne, skin rejuvenation, vascular reduction, tattoo removal and more. Dr. Devgan is also specialized in all facets of facial and aesthetic reconstructive procedures. This includes non-invasive treatments, such as micro-needling, botox, and dermal fillers.

If you are interested in seeing Dr. Devgan as a patient for your own primp and plump, please call the office at 212.452.2400 or send an email to office@LaraDevganMD.com.